This week I am sharing a tool that I found it’s the fastest and least invasive when it comes to latin text generators. It’s name is LittleIpsum and you can get it for free at the Mac App Store.



Assign Apps to All Spaces – Mountain Lion

A short and sweet tip on How to Assign Apps to All Spaces in Mountain Lion (probably will work on Lion too). I was (and still are) a big fan of Spaces since it’s was first released in 2006 (you can watch a video of Steve introducing it here). I had this very nice and organized working workflow ever since:

  • Space 1: Creative Suite, Macromedia Freehand (just on my Snow Leopard station)
  • Space 2: Mail and iWork
  • Space 3: iTunes and iPhoto
  • Space 4: TextWrangler, Transmit and CSS Edit/Espresso.

But, throughout all the spaces, I would always have Finder, Twitterrific, Adium, Skype and Stattoo. This way if I changed spaces I could still have the same windows open from the Finder or my current chat with a client active without a glitch. I’m telling you, saves some time! Fast Forward to 2012. I upgrade my MacBook Pro, so it now runs not Lion but Mountain Lion. I get Mission Control:

Mission Control

I start working my way through the new system. Ok, it takes a bit to get used to. Not only Mission Control, but little things like iCal getting renamed to Calendar and Address Book to Contacts – but I work it… Except that when I’m switching from Space to Space I can’t take Adium, Skype, Stattoo or the Finder with me. Really a bummer really, I am used to do this for years and it does speed things up a bit. I try going to the System Preferences  panel to look for a little light but no luck. Where can I assign Apps to Spaces? I ask myself…

Mission Control System Prefs

Then, one night where I was working late I found it! It is now a but hidden… If you right click a Dock Icon with more than one “desktop” space available, you get a menu that has (at least) these items: Options, Show All Windows, Hide, Quit. If you click on Options, you can see that there’s an Assign To item. And there it is: All Desktops. Order is restored in the universe!

Tadah - Assing to All Desktops

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