Rookie at #PePCon: We are Content Creators

This post first appeared on Rookie Designer, May 27 2011

Michael Niness, VP of Content at was the one who gave the Keynote to kick start PePCon. This entire conference changed the way I see how I will approach (learn and enjoy) ePub creation. It’s not thinking of print or digital, is getting into print and digital. As content creators, we get to break apart the structure of publications and put them back together, in a way that will bend the rules of how us as designers from the print industry will challenge the reader of our creations. We have this great opportunity to experiment and innovate, pushing for new interactions.

He suggested that we all should buy the book Our Choice by Al Gore for both the iPhone and iPad to see what we can be capable of. That is a great example of what the device is capable of doing and how far we can push the lines. As well, as getting subscriptions to Martha Stewart’s Publications such as Everyday Food Magazine* and Martha Stewart Living Magazine.

As for every publication, we need a certain set of skills, such as typography, color, composition, be able to switch from our static background to create motion and  interactions, think of time in a much more flexible way, create stunning infographics, embrace online and offline collaboration, critical thinking and an entrepreneurial spirit that will make you push the boundaries.

The most important matter is to be able to put yourself in the shoes of the reader. You will create experiences, not just a publication that will give out information.  This last line I am quoting from Michael: Step up, embrace change, take risks and have fun.

*Make sure to double check when you purchase the Everyday Food Magazine that it’s for the iPad. That app is free to download but the In-App subscriptions are $2.99. There’s an iPhone version of the app, but it’s not a magazine/book as the one I’m linking in this article.

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