Asterisco* Freebie: Design Brief

Designers and marketers can often ask How important is to fill a Brief? In my early design days, I didn’t think it was that crucial. With the questions from the project/sale and a few others it was enough, but a few years later I understand that filling a Design Brief not is optional. It gives you a wide spectrum of the product or service you will be promoting, and of the brand itself, its background and surroundings.

Today’s free download is a general Design Brief, you can expand the questions depending on your project, using it as a guide to make your own.


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Twitter Cover Image (June 2014) – Free PSD Template

It’s been a while since I’ve shared an updated template, so today I am sharing two! Both Twitter and Facebook are making changes to their platforms and I am loving both. They have a cleaner aspect! So, to make our life easier, I am posting two sets for each platform. Here are the downloads for the Twitter set. For the Facebook combos you can click here.

Hope this helps you as much as it does to me!

Download the Twitter Comp PSD Template here


Download the Twitter PSD Template here