Asterisco* Freebie: Design Brief

Designers and marketers can often ask How important is to fill a Brief? In my early design days, I didn’t think it was that crucial. With the questions from the project/sale and a few others it was enough, but a few years later I understand that filling a Design Brief not is optional. It gives you a wide spectrum of the product or service you will be promoting, and of the brand itself, its background and surroundings.

Today’s free download is a general Design Brief, you can expand the questions depending on your project, using it as a guide to make your own.


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Google+ Cover Image (March 2013) – Free PSD Template

Google+ has been a little off these last few days, and now we know why! Google updated several things on both Personal Profiles and Pages, including Cover Image:

  • Local Reviews Tab: In addition to your photos, +1’s and YouTube videos, there’s now a place for all your Local reviews. Highlight your favorite restaurants, or hide the tab completely via settings. After scrolling down, you can find it on top right of the menu bar.
  • Easier to Edit Info: The About tab now consists of separate cards (Story, Places, and Links), each with its own prominent edit link. As always: you can share specific fields with specific circles, or keep them just for you. And a new bonus, now those areas are highlighted with a google color: red, blue, yellow, and so on.
  • Bigger Cover Photos: And also a better aspect ratio. Cover photos are much larger than before (they can go all the way up to 2120 pixels by 1192 pixels), and they display in 16×9 when fully expanded. This way more images can be used as cover photos, and there’s more room for your selection to shine.
  • Round Profile Picture (over the cover): As Facebook redefined logo sizes to be square, now Google adds its own twist with making the logo hovering on top of the cover image by making it round – so you have to be careful with logo placing.

Everything’s rolling out gradually, so check back soon if you don’t see it yet. Now, to business! I updated the Google PSD Template to meet the new standards, both for cover pictures and circled profile pictures. You can download the (zipped) Photoshop Header Image Templates here:

Google+ PSD Template

New Google+ Profile Picture