LinkedIn Cover Images (2012)

Remember that  not so long ago I posted a template for cover images? Now LinkedIn joins the Cover Images gang. With LinkedIn Cover Images, new rules come into the game. So, I prepared for you a template  that you can find the download link at the bottom of this post.

LinkedIn Profiles now have a clickable business name. It doesn’t matter if you have set up your business company’s page or not. For example, you can see on my profile that if you hover over  Asterisco*, you get this little fly-out window with my business information. States number of the business’ employees, my site and (most importantly) a logo.

LinkedIn - Individual Profile

After you click on it, you go to the company’s page and it might look something like this. Notice you have 2 images: the company’s logo and the new and shiny cover image. In this case, since I am the manager for my own page, I am greeted with this tan box suggesting that I update the company’s followers. Bellow, you find the latest updates. And where’s the About section you ask? Right bellow that. The About section features a handful of information: a small Summary, Specialties, Headquarters, Website, Industry, Type, Size, Founded. This move from LinkedIn is forcing companies to use this much underestimated network in their favor like Job Advertisements and New Hires.

LinkedIn - Asterisco

Besides preparing a text about your company and spend the time filling in the blanks, you need a Cover Image. My suggestion is to keep it clean and the same throughout your Social Media channels, specially LinkedIn. Why? Because here you are talking to Companies and possible employees not the general crowd. You want your information clear and understandable.

LinkedIn Cover Image – 646×220 pixels

LinkedIn - Cover Image Specs

LinkedIn Standard Logo – 100×60 pixels

LinkedIn - Standard Logo Specs

LinkedIn Square Logo – 50×50 pixels

LinkedIn - Square Logo Specs

To make it easier for you, I put together a PSD so you can get an idea of what your LinkedIn Cover on your Company’s page before uploading.

You can download the template here.