Restaurants & Coffee Shops

This is a sample of Restaurants & Coffee Shops pieces that have been made for different businesses.

Sal y Pimienta Menu

Sal y Pimienta approached us looking for a redesign of their brand, not only for their menu, but also for the rest of the business. We designed a menu, along with photography of their products.

Coffee Station Coffee Shots and Oreo Shake Posters

Coffee Station was looking for a way to show their new products, these little shot glasses are Coffee Shots, and they come in different flavors: Caramel, Hazelnut, Irish Cream or just Milk.

Maguey’s Kitchen Mural

Maguey’s was thinking of adding a mural as part of their decoration on their store, and they wanted something that was easy to clean. Working together with the printer, we got this design on a big sticker that is easy to clean with a damp cloth. Specially useful when food comes out of the kitchen and the business needed to constantly clean this surface.

Coffee Station Weddings Word Template

Coffee Station has a Coffee catering service for weddings. The business needed a template that would appeal to young brides and wedding planners, so with the client, we envisioned this template background for her to send the quotes of their catering services as PDF, creating the files in Word.

Coffee Station Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day Posters

For both celebrations, Coffee Station has special offers for their customers. For Valentine’s Day it’s a couples offer: buy one, get the second one half off – we played with the Coffee cup sizes to communicate the message. For Mothers’ Day they had different offers, so we added them on the poster, along with the different locations of their stores.