This is a sample of the pieces that have been made for Packaging on different products.

Café Maya

COEX was releasing a new brand of ground coffee to the market, they already had the name picked up, so we worked along side them to create the package design, along with the Nutritional Information, which they started to include in their packaging.

Coffee Station Blends

Coffee Station released a new ground coffee, Coffee Station Blends, and this is the original flavor package. Each flavor was placed as a sticker in between their logo and information underneath. This was a special edition coffee.

Coffee Station’s Coffee Beans

A sweet treat you can get at Coffee Station are toasted coffee beans covered in chocolate. They wanted one sticker, with elements of their logo in them. They ended up using both designs after not being able to decide on just one.

Dilailo Monchis Logo and Jam Label

Dilailo Monchis is a home based catering service for El Salvador, and after creating their chef’s hat as their iconic image (the owner of the business is a Chef, and her family nickname is Dilailo), we developed a series of labels, the one featured here is the one for Strawberry Jam.

Maguey’s Paper Cup

Maguey’s, a burritos fast food restaurant, wanted to brand their soda paper cups, so we took their iconic image from the logo and created this design for them.