Corporate Image

This is a sample of the pieces that have been made for Corporate Image, such as Logos and Business Cards.

Coffee Break

A salvadoran Coffee Shop and Catering service, they wanted business cards to hand out to clients that wanted their contact information.


Guatemalan Business, Lemon Grass Natural Products wanted a design for their brand LemonG, a logo that would show the natural and organic nature of their products.  The project was not only a logo, but also Image Guidelines (Print, PDF and Digital files) for the brand. It covered everything from the fonts, the colors to the different sizes that they can use the logo.


Lafimarq, when approaching their 25th Anniversary, wanted to have a commemorative logo for their Marketing Collateral, but using the same logo. We provided different concepts, and this one was the winner.

Saboroso Catering

Two entrepreneur Chefs wanted both a logo that would be memorable but also easy to embroider. Saboroso means savory or tasty in portuguese.

Trader Brands

An upcoming business, Trader Brands, focused on Exporting natural goods from Guatemala to the world, asked us to create a logo for them. Using the arrows to communicate the idea of worldwide operations was one of their requests. Also, they wanted something that would look good using only black ink when printed on their most basic settings.

Tu Movil

A guatemalan cellphone kiosk, wanted a logo that would give the message of communication. Tu Movil means your mobile in spanish.