Featured Artist over at Astute Graphics

I am so happy to share that on April 7th, I was a featured artist over at the Astute Graphics blog!

For those who are not familiar with Astute Graphics, they are a software company that create plugins for Illustrator. Usually, we think of plugins for Photoshop, but not for Illustrator! The Astute team has developed amazing plugins since 2008, aiding power users to create even more designs, and work around the limitations Illustrator has.

My favorite plugins are MirrorMe, StippilismColliderScribe, and the newly released VectorFirst Aid.

Check out the article where I go through my workflow to create some of the fabrics Eduardo Figueroa used in his collection.

You can heck the article here:

Astute Graphics on the Catwalk – Workflow Tutorial by Kitty Florido

DropBox and MAMP: The perfect couple!

A great and practical way to always have your MAMP folder backed up is to have it sync to DropBox instead of your Documents folder. The first time you do that, takes a bit of time (and tons of files to sync) but it is a backup that now you don’t have to worry about.

You see, I have Time Machine enabled but with selective folder back up just for my Home folder. I don’t backup the Apps or Utility folders. MAMP’s default http folder is inside the app’s folder. That is something that you’ll easily forget to back up! This short and sweet tip will save you headaches!

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